Custom Fit and Fabulous: Create a Pattern Custom Fit for You with Daryl Lancaster

Skill Level

All levels

Required Skills:

  • lpful to have a rudimentary understanding of sewing clothing

Class Length

  • 2.5 Day Workshop (Friday am thru Sunday noon)


No more one-size-fits-all, or clothes from rectangles! Choose between a time-tested classic jacket pattern, with a band or shawl collar, short, long, or swing. Or choose a vest pattern, short or long, with collar and armhole options, or a tunic pattern. Participants will learn to custom fit for their individual figures. Some simple flat pattern and drafting skills will be taught in this workshop. Expect to leave with at least one finished pattern and directions to make a fabulous garment from your hand-woven, felts or other fabulous fabric. We will also spend some time understanding commercial patterns, how they don't fit, and what to do about it!
The photos included here are some of the silhouettes students may choose from.  Students will be fitting and tracing patterns, NOT actually making a garment.

Materials Fees are not collected as part of registration.  They are paid directly to the instructor at the beginning of the class.


Registration Fee $
Materials Fee $15

Materials Fee includes: Includes 2 yards of pattern tracing medium and a full color bound handout of directions for that silhouette.  The fee is preset of pattern paper and directions.  Students may trace as many options as they have time for, so may decide to purchase multiple sets of materials.  Students may alternatively choose to download the digital version of the handout for free, which will reduce the cost per set of materials.

Students to Bring

  • Tape measure
  • Small 6" Seam Gauge
  • Scissors
  • 2 or 3 good quality colored pencils (e.g., Sanford Prismacolor)
  • Hand held pencil sharpener
  • Notebook and pen
  • Highlighter
  • A cardboard cutting board with printed grid or foam core or a large piece of cardboard at least 23" x 36"
  • Push pins for holding pattern to cardboard cutting board
  • See through straight edge ruler at least 18" long
  • Straight pins for pin fitting pattern together

Instructor Bio

Daryl Lancaster, a hand-weaver and fiber artist known for her award-winning hand-woven fabric and garments, has been constructing garments for more than half a century. She gives lectures and workshops to guilds, conferences, and craft centers all over the United States. The former Features Editor for Handwoven Magazine, she has written more than 100 articles and digital content, frequently contributes to various weaving and sewing publications and including Threads Magazine. She now has a YouTube channel, The Weaver Sews where she shares her extensive experience sewing handwoven garments. Daryl maintains a blog at Find her at


These pictures offer examples of the workshop content or experience.