Let’s Get Loopy

Skill Level

All levels

Required Skills:

  • Manual dexterity for threading a needle

Class Schedule

4 Hours

  • Thursday, March 14, 1:00 pm


Come learn how to create small forms or surface designs using the simple technique of knot-less netting. During our time together, you'll have a few choices over which form you wish to add to or create using the technique known as "looping" or "knot-less netting". Cover a small gourd or a large bead or rock, and learn how to use a mold to make a small open looped pouch. This technique has endless uses for either building a form or embellishing another item or piece of fiber art. Waxed linen and cotton cord in different colors will be provided, along with a choice of forms for covering or to use as a removable mold. You'll experiment with varying tensions to provide different impact using just one stitch. Depending on the tension and tightness of your looping, you will be able to finish at least one of the forms we're learning on.


Registration Fee $60
Materials Fee $15

Materials Fee includes: Cotton cord and / or waxed linen; tapestry needle; small gourd, rock, or large bead; and mold forms.

Students to Bring

  • Beads, if desired. A bead list will be provided.

Instructor Bio

Nancy loves to ignite passion in anyone looking to explore the arts, especially within the fiber arts genre. Her teaching encompasses a lifetime of skill and techniques, which she teaches in combination with finding one’s own creative voice! Handwoven Basketry and Off the Loom Weaving, Wellness Arts, Mixed Media, & One of a Kind Sculptural Fiber Art are some areas she loves the most. She approaches her teaching the same as she learns: by exploring and experimenting with new techniques. Once learned, these techniques make room for creativity to appear - the possibilities are endless when marrying skill and technique during the act of making! Nancy's way of teaching will encourage you to think outside the box and pattern.


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