Weave a Pouch on a Chipboard Loom with Connie Lippert


3 hours

A chipboard loom offers the ultimate portability and easy way to use up bits of leftover yarn to make something special. Gain an understanding of how chipboard looms can be formed into many different sizes and shapes to make small take-along weaving projects, then weave a pouch on a chipboard loom.

Registration fee of $35.

Materials fee of $6 for chipboard loom, needle, yarn, beads, handout.

  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors that can cut paper
  • Any bits of special leftover yarn that you might like to incorporate in your pouch

Connie Lippert

Connie Lippert has worked with thousands of children and adults to weave small projects on chipboard looms. The setup is easy, the weaving is fun, and the results are special.