Design Possibilities Galore – Make them Work! with Sarah Saulson

Skill Level

Beginning to Intermediate.

Required Skills:

  • No previous weaving knowledge necessary, but also appropriate for weavers who would like a refresher on basic skills

Class Length

  • 2.5 days


This is an introduction to basic floor loom weaving, but with a sense of adventure and fun. Weaving is a unique creative medium that asks us to make many design decisions before we even touch our yarn. This can seem intimidating, but in this hands-on workshop we'll learn how to make it liberating. First we will explore an approachable, step-by-step design process and then dress the looms with enough yarn to weave some samples as well as the project you've designed, using yarns you bring with you. We will weave a series of explorations of color, texture, and pattern, each one like a page in a book, to make the warp into a personal weaving journal. Participants will leave the workshop with an understanding of how to make the interaction of warp and weft work for you.


Registration Fee $
Materials Fee $50

Materials Fee includes: Includes handout weft yarns, handouts, use of warping boards, weaving tools Materials Fees are not collected as part of registration. ¬†They are paid directly to the instructor at the beginning of class.

Students to Bring

  • Table or floor loom
  • Bobbins & Shuttles
  • Bobbin winder
  • Threading hook, if you already own one
  • Warping board, if you already own one
  • Notebook
  • Scissors

Instructor Bio

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