Journey to Japan: An FTWG Scholarship Adventure

Friday, March 19, 2021 at 5:30 pm

In the Fall of 2019 Jennifer Williams, a 2018 FTWG scholarship awardee, traveled to Japan to attend the 4th International Conference on Braiding. During the conference, Jennifer learned the traditional Japanese method of band weaving, Sanada Himo. Jennifer will discuss the interesting background of this nearly lost art. She will also share many of the sights and experiences from her weaving journey to Japan, a place that has forever captured her heart. 

An path through a series of red wooden frames, leading to the entrance of a building in Japan
A rabbit made from a woven globe knot, on display at the Braids Conference in Japan
A pile of small frames, each wound with silk thread, on a table at Braids Conference in Japan
A sculpture in Japan depicting a turtle surrounded by waves
Two small altars surrounded by red flags and vases of flowers in Japan


Jennifer Williams

Our time: 9:50am UTC