Weaving With Toilet Paper

Skill Level

All skill levels

Required Skills:

    Class Schedule

    1 Hours


      A fun one hour lecture about how Berna uses toilet paper when doing a weaving project including tips and tricks to help you weave the perfect project. The toilet paper does not end up in the finished fabric.


      Registration Fee $5
      Materials Fee $0

      Materials Fee includes: Handout

      Students to Bring

      • A pen to take notes

      Instructor Bio

      Berna Lowenstein learned to knit in school in England at the age of 5 and has loved everything that can be done with yarn ever since. She taught herself to spin when she was 30 and then learned weaving and Kumihimo a few months later, and has never let up. She has been active in Weavers of Orlando for the past 35 years and taught many programs and workshops. She’s won awards from FTWG and HGA and been featured in Handwoven, Weavers, and Shuttle Spindle and Dyepot magazines. Summer and Winter was the very first weaving workshop Berna ever took, and she became a lifelong fan of the weave structure. She believes it’s the perfect first weave structure for the new weaver who is comfortable with their loom but wants to learn how to do more than plain weave and twill.


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