Viking Knitting Essentials with Barbara Cabral


3 hours

Students will use Viking Knitting techniques to make samples from brass wire. We will also discuss the use of other metals and gauges of wire. Students will use a draw plate to smooth the work and adjust the gauge. We will explore methods for inserting decorative stones in the knit and different methods of finishing the ends.

Registration fee of $35.

Materials fee of $5 for brass wire, dowel rods, handouts, jump rings, and beads.

  • Small wire cutter (nail clippers will work)
  • Jewelry pliers (optional)

Barbara Cabral

Barbara Cabral received her Masters and Bachelor Degrees from the University of Akron where she taught Contemporary Needle Arts and other classes. She studied metal smithing at the Myers School of Art – The University of Akron where she first started exploring the use of textile techniques in metal.

In recent years, Barbara has traveled extensively in Cambodia and parts of Thailand researching Khmer textiles, lotus fiber, and sericulture. In 2017, she returned to Cambodia to study with a Khmer Silk Weaver, learning the techniques used to produce intricately patterned silks. She has presented programs, workshops, and travelogues on these techniques for Florida guilds, at the Ringling Museum of Art, and for private organizations.

Her time is now divided between Palmetto, Florida and her summer home in Port Clinton, Ohio. In her Palmetto, Florida studio, she creates unique woven, dyed, and hand-painted textile pieces and jewelry pieces featuring textile techniques.