Exploring Ethnic Looms

Skill Level


Required Skills:

  • No prior experience required

Class Schedule

2 Hours

  • Thursday, March 14, 1:00 pm


Participants will work their way around a room, weaving for a few minutes on each style of loom. The class goals are : "See how this loom works," "What culture/history does this loom represent?" and "Would I want to try this again?" Several different styles of backstrap looms will be provided along with a ground loom, a drag loom (north Africa kente cloth style), tablets/cards, frame looms, and a warp weighted loom. There will be a demo of several different styles of string heddles with large diameter yarn.


Registration Fee $15
Materials Fee $30

Materials Fee includes: A Backstrap loom and a warp.

Students to Bring

  • An open mind!

Instructor Bio

Sharon has been weaving with self-made looms in different styles for over 20 years. She enjoys fiber art. If it's fiber related, she has read, researched, tried or does it!


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