Drafting and Plying with Ginger Clark

Skill Level

All levels

Required Skills:

  • Must be able to spin a continuous yarn.

Class Schedule

4 Hours


    Spinners often have a default way of drafting and never experience different methods of drafting fibers for different yarns. Plying those yarns can make a huge difference in the yarn structure and how that yarn will react when used. In this class we will explore different ways of drafting long and short fibers and plying those single strands for yarns that will be used for knitting, weaving, or other uses.


    Registration Fee $45
    Materials Fee $20

    Materials Fee includes: Includes a selection of fibers to make 4 ounces of yarn. Materials Fees are not collected as part of registration.  They are paid directly to the instructor at the beginning of class.

    Students to Bring

    • Spinning Wheel in good working order
    • At least 2 bobbins or multiple drop spindles

    Instructor Bio

    Ginger Clark has been spinning for more than 40 years and teaching spinning for almost as long. Her experience has given her the skills to be an effective teacher and sharer of knowledge. She spins on wheels, treadle and electric, contemporary and very old, and spindles of all sorts using all kinds of fibers. Her favorite spinning is making very fine yarns with cotton and luxury fibers like cashmere, qiviut, and silks for weaving and knitting/crochet. Ms. Clark likes to explore how to spin different yarns to better understand their properties so the yarn is ideal for the planned project whether it’s for knitting, crochet, embroidery, needlepoint, or weaving.


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