Beginning Spindling with Jody Seigel and Nancy Reed

All skill levels

2 hours

Intimidated by drop spindles? “Learned” to spindle, but never really got the hang of it? We will break down the process into smaller bites to help you feel more confident with the process.

Registration fee of $25.

Materials fee of $5 includes a starter spindle (made by one of your instructors) and wool.

  • If students already own a spindle and would like to learn on it, they are welcome to bring it.

Jody Seigel

Jody has been knitting for over 30 years, and spinning for half of that.  She started with a CD drop spindle, caught the spinning bug, and quickly moved on to a spinning wheel.  Spinning mostly on wheels – both modern and antique for the first 6 years, she was reintroduced to spindles while pregnant for her son.  She has since learned to love the portability and variety offered by spindles.  Throughout that time, she developed a teaching style that has helped countless new spinners.  She carries drop spindle kits in her car and will break into a spinning lesson anytime, anywhere.

Nancy Reed

Nancy has been knitting for over 50 years, and spinning for over 10, after saying she would never take up spinning. She started with a basic spindle, bought a nicely balanced “pretty” spindle and now always has a spindle in the car, ready for any spinning opportunity. She has encouraged many new spinners, and is a great fan of “park and draft.” Her current favorite fiber is stainless steel, for making conductive yarn for her latest e-textiles projects.