Meg Stump

Margaret Stump is the author of three books on pin loom weaving-- Pin Loom Weaving, Pin Loom Weaving to Go, and Fabulous Beasts; Pin Loom Woven Animals. She has been weaving on the pin loom for over 40 years, starting with hangings and Amish style blankets, then designing patterns for blankets, clothing, toys, purses and home goods. Margaret focuses much of her weaving on making things to share, saying, “Some people see craft as art, I see craft as blessing, a way that we can use our skills to bring blessings and joy into the world.” Margaret's website,, is a meeting place for weavers, dedicated to sharing information and expertise on pin looms and the joy of pin loom weaving.


The FTWG website contains records of talks given from 2021 to the present. This instructor has not given a talk during that period.