Rhonda Altman

Rhonda Altman is a retired nurse who enjoys mixed media. With a background in Home Health she found herself in unusual situations requiring creative solutions as the traditional methods did not meet her patients’ needs. She applies this same thought process to her students. A basic understanding of the media is necessary, but personal creativity is important.

A Maine native, she reflects traditional processes while incorporating new techniques that include her knowledge of spinning, dyeing and weaving. She believes that blending the old with the new is vital to pass onto the next generation.

Rhonda has been featured in “Polymer Clay Café” magazine and previously taught at FTWG conference, OAPCG Fandango, and Fiber Collage of Maine. Her classes always include color, whimsy, learning and laughter.


The FTWG website contains records of miniclasses taught from 2019 to the present. This instructor has not taught a miniclass during that period.


The FTWG website contains records of talks given from 2021 to the present. This instructor has not given a talk during that period.