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Florida Tropical Weaver's Guild is a non-profit organization whose primary mission is to educate the public on the art and craft of weaving, spinning and basketry. It's membership consists of anyone who is interested in promoting opportunities for weavers of all skill levels to develop new skills, interests and expand their creative efforts in the fiber arts.

Read more about us and our history on the 'About' page.

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President's Message

Conference is just around the corner. Hope you are planning on coming. If you cannot sign up for a class, make a shopping trip, we have over a dozen vendors!

Directions are available through the link below, as well as another link to the Fiber Exhibit categories and entry forms.

Questions? Click the link to inquiry at ftwg.org

And be sure to read our newsletter below, to get more details.

Please click here to review the Student Materials and/or Equipment needed 2015

Coming to our 2015 Conference? Need directions or a map? Check HERE

Thinking of entering items in the Fiber exhibit? The detailed categories and the entry form are here: Entry Form and Fiber Exhibit Categories

Look at the revised list of vendors!


Come and strut your stuff to the music of The Pink Panther. This is an informal fashion show. Your garment will not be judged. Your garment does not have to be in the Fiber Exhibit. Teachers and vendors are invited to model their garments, too.

WHEN: Friday night, 20-Mar-2015, 6-7 p.m. to get ready. Fashion Show starts at 7 p.m.

WHERE: The dressing room will be the classroom marked "Fashion Show dressing room."
Please be in the dressing room by 6:30 p.m. even if you are already dressed, so the latest instructions can be given to you.

WHAT: Bring the garment you are going to model. Get it out of the Fiber Exhibit if necessary. Bring this form or a 3x5 card, filled out with the following information.

Your Name:

Your Model's Name (if not you):

Your Garment's Name:

Describe the garment and weaving (or other) technique:

Describe any challenges you had, and how you solved them:

FTWG 2015 Conference brochure HERE

Florida Tropical Weavers Guild Conference March 19 - 22, 2015

MEMBERS' MARKET provides an opportunity for individual Guild members to sell items they have created. Only conference-attending FTWG members are eligible to participate.

This year, table space is $10 per table or $5 per 1/2 table.

All entries must be approved by the Members' Market Chair. You may not compete with vendors with the items you sell (e.g. cones of yarn, extra shuttles, etc from your personal stash). Items created by members are always allowed.

This year, no one individual is able to staff the tables. Everyone is responsible for supervising their own table(s). Be sure to bring sufficient funds to make change.

Questions??? Contact Diane Click

Please click for Members' Market Registration

Guild Newsletter

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FTWG is now participating in the Woolery Guilds Reward Program.

When our members purchase items from the Woolery, through the link below, FTWG "banks" reward dollars. Yearly we will receive a check which can be used to defray expenses.

If you purchase from them and use the link on this website, we will receive credit.

Support us by shopping at the Woolery

Scholarship News

New in 2014

FTWG is also offering four (4) $100 annual scholarships. The scholarship recipients may be reimbursed, up to $100.00, for a Florida Guild sponsored workshop; an FTWG Conference workshop; or to take an instructional class in Florida to upgrade or learn a new fiber arts related skill. Scholarship will not exceed $100.

Check our scholarship page for details and form.

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