FTWG Scholarships

Florida Tropical Weavers Guild, in its incorporation papers is chartered to provide certain benefits. One of these is to promote education and the sharing of fiber arts knowledge among its members. The board has established a tuition scholarship program for FTWG members.

Available Scholarships

The following scholarships are available:

Three (3) $100 scholarships.

Two (2) $300 scholarships.

One (1) $700 scholarship.

The $300 scholarships may only be used to cover your workshop fees for FTWG’s 2021 Conference.

The $100 and $700 scholarships may NOT be used for FTWG’s Conference

Scholarship Rules

  • Recipients must be current and last-year members of FTWG.
  • The scholarship is to be used for tuition, lab/materials fees, room, board, and travel for fiber-related study. Scholarship will not exceed $700.
  • If awarded a scholarship, you have eighteen months from the date of the award in which to use the scholarship.
  • If you do receive a scholarship, the board requests that you wait three years before applying again. Members may receive scholarships three (3) times during a lifetime.
  • Scholarship recipient will be reimbursed up to, but not exceeding the amount of the scholarship for tuition, lab / materials fees, room, board, and travel upon submitting the receipts to the Scholarship Chair and arranging to complete the required skill and information sharing activities described below.
  • In return for the scholarship, you are required to complete the following activities displaying the skills you acquired:
  • For all scholarship recipients: within three months after completion of the class, submit an article for the FTWG website about the class attended.
  • For $300 and $700 scholarship recipients: at the next FTWG Conference, display the skills acquired (including samples and information), by teaching a mini-class, giving a presentation to the assembly during an evening program, and / or creating a table-sized physical display.
  • The Technology Chair will code each application prior to sending it to the Scholarship Chair, allowing anonymity during the selection process. The Technology Chair is not a part of the scholarship selection committee.
  • The Board reserves the right to deny any/all applicants in any given year.
  • Recipient(s) names will be announced at the annual FTWG Annual Membership Meeting at the Conference.

The application deadline is 11:59:59 pm on February 29, 2020.

Application Form

The application deadline was 11:59:59 pm on February 29, 2020.