Temari Balls with Ellen Turner

All skill levels

3 hours

Temari are traditional Japanese embroidered balls.  It is a centuries old folk art originally made of kimono scraps wrapped in silk, and first used as a toy.  Later they came to be given as a treasured present for a birthday or a New Year’s gift.  Modern-day Temari make beautiful displays with their kaleidoscopic colors, and can be hung on holiday trees or arranged on stands or in glass bowls.

In this class, students will cover a styrofoam ball with yarn and sewing thread, then make a colorful design with beautiful cotton yarns.

Registration fee of $25 includes materials

  • Students may bring yarns for the design, if desired.

Ellen Turner

Almost 2 decades ago, I went to The Mannings and learned to stitch Temari so I could teach it to my weaving guild. The kaleidoscope of geometric designs is so intriguing I was immediately hooked. Since then, I have taught at a number of weavers guilds, FTWG, and for several years at Springwater Fiber Workshop in Arlington, VA.