Basket Weaving over a Glass Jar with Jan Oberlag and Mary Lou Elliott

All skill levels

3 hours

In this class you will learn to insert spokes into a finished woven base.  You will learn twill patterns and how to shape the weaving to the mold. 

Several colors of reed will be available.  The basket is topped off with a finished beechwood lid.

Registration fee of $15.

Materials fee of $20 for pattern, mold, dyed and natural reed, finished lid, and embellishments.

  • Scissors

Jan Oberlag

Jan Oberlag is a weaver and instructor with 30 years of experience and has taught at many conferences over the years. She is currently the Vice-President of the Tampa Bay Basketweavers Guild.

Mary Lou Elliott

Mary Lou Elliott has 20 years experience in weaving and has been co-teaching with Jan for the last 3 years. Mary Lou is currently the President of the Tampa Bay Basketweavers Guild.