Members can have their ad for equipment for sale posted on FTWG’s website for free for 3 months.

Non-members may post their ad for equipment for sale on the guild’s website for three months for $20 per lot. A lot is a group of items being sold together for one price. A loom with bench, warping board, shuttles, and some weaving books, all listed together with one price is one lot. Three looms each sold for a separate price rather than as a group is three lots.

You may provide 2 jpegs of the equipment for sale per lot.

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Please contact sellers directly to arrange purchases or to obtain additional information.

Antique Spinning Wheel for Sale

Double drive, fine aperture.

Nice in historic home, museum or fair demonstrations. Includes Niddy noddy and books. $75

Wheel is located in Central Florida, but can be delivered to FTWG Conference, March 14-17, 2019.

Contact Maureen Yukl 518-522-2279 or e-mail for more informatio.

LOOM For Sale: Schacht 25″ Table Loom, 8 harness, with stand

Flat Steel heddles, 20 dent stainless steel reed.

$800 for loom; $100 for stand.

E-mail Penelope Morgan if interested.

Loom for Sale: Leclerc Nilus 36″ Floor Loom, 4 harness

Back Hinge Treadles, Sectional Warping Beam. Nice Heavy Loom. Folds for Transport. $800.

Loom is in Boynton Beach. Pick up only.

E-mail Penelope Morgan if interested.

Loom for Sale: Harrisville 36″ Floor Loom, 8 Harness

10 Treadles. Inserted Eye Heddles. Stainless Steel Reed. Has wheels for easy moving when folded. $1100.

Loom is in Boynton Beach. Pick up only.

E-mail Penelope Morgan if interested.

Loom for Sale: Tools of the Trade 45″ Floor Loom, 8 shafts

10 Treadles. Bench. 4 reeds (6, 8, 10 and 20 epi). 36 & 45” raddles. Lease sticks. Parts to convert back beam for sectional warping.  And other extras! $800 OBO.

E-mail Jill Formaz if interested.

Loom For Sale: Harrisville Designs 36″ Floor Loom, 4 harness / 6 treadle


  • Harrisville Designs bench pieces and warping board
  • 3 boat shuttles (2 Schacht 11” open bottom, 1 Leclerc 11”)
  • 27 bobbins
  • 2 Leclerc sley hooks, 1 reed hook
  • 5 Schacht small spindles
  • 4 flat shuttles (1 – 16”, 2 – 20”, 1 – 24”)
  • “Warping All By Yourself” by Cay Garrett, INTERWEAVE PRESS, 1974
  • “Learning To Weave with Debbie Redding”, INTERWEAVE PRESS, 1984

Current Value: $2,765. Asking $1500 for all or Best Offer.

Loom folds for storage and transport. Loom is located in Boca Raton. You pick up or pay to ship.

Email Jean DeFrances or call her cell at 954-675-5680.

LOOM FOR SALE: Toika Liisa, 16 Shaft / 16 Treadle Countermarch

Toika does not stamp their looms with serial number / dates, but the Woolery thought late ’90s manufacture. This loom was a special order for the number of shafts.


  • Matching Bench
  • Both a hanging beater and floor beater
  • Double Back Beam
  • Three stainless steel reeds. Never used, only packaging removed
  • Fly Shuttle Attachment
  • Treadle Gate
  • New Texsolv on most
  • Bolts replaced as needed
  • Extra heddles
  • Raddle

Best of all, no shipping, which can add hundreds and hundreds to the cost of the loom. I have a truck to move the loom, so we can arrange transport, for gas money, if within a three hour drive.

Asking $2500 — Motivated Seller, make me an offer!!

Pictures Upon Request, or arrange a loom visit.

Contact Pam Welton.