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Children's Exhibit

Sidsel Moreb's students made lovely baskets. They wove on a cardboard Box form. They had to weave 4 sides and the bottom. Boy! That was a lot of work. Certificates were given.

SCE loaned his back-strap loom and his tapestry loom for us to see what weaving he has been doing.

Pam Weldon's Art Club students at Avalon Elementary School wove hand bags. They used a rigid loom and covered both sides. This took months and months. Then they sewed a fabric liner inside.

See how cute the bags are and look at the insides. Ribbons were given to each.

Childrens Exhibit Conference 2016 Childrens Exhibit Conference 2016 Childrens Exhibit Conference 2016

If you are working with young people let us know. We want to share what is being done to foster the Fiber Arts.

All participants received a ribbon or certificate for letting us borrow their work for conference. Enjoy the photos.

For additional information contact Inquiry@FTWG.org

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