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For Sale

Nilus LeClerc Loom for Sale

For Sale:

LeClerc 45 inch Nilus ll jack loom

Includes 10 inch and 12 inch reeds,
open ended work bench,
warping board,
shuttles (rag, boat & stick),
lease sticks,
manual bobbin winder,
reed hooks,
weaving books and manuals.

In excellent condition.

Asking $1600.

Pickup in Naples FL.

Gabrielle Nappo

May 2018

For Sale:

Baby Wolf 4 Harness Loom for Sale

Baby Wolf floor loom 4 harness, with high castle and bench.

Price: $850.

The loom in in central Florida.

Contact Pat Bair 321-363-7533. Or email Bair hands@aol.com.

March 2018

Norwood Loom for Sale

For Sale:

Beautiful solid cherry Norwood loom,

4 harness, 40 inch weaving width, made in Fremont, Michigan. Purchased in 1978, I used this loom very little before career and family took over. Single owner, in impeccable condition, comes with two reeds.


to be picked up in St. Petersburg, FL.

Vicki Bennett

March 2018

For Sale:

Macomber loom for sale
MACOMBER LOOM 60" 12 Harness

includes 10 & 12 Dent Reeds, lease sticks, raddle and Bench.

$ 1,000.

Sarah McCarthy
17 30 NW 39 th Terrace
Gainesville, Fl 32605

352 - 335 - 8900

February 2018

Loom for Sale

For Sale

4 harness, 6 pedal floor loom; the reed is 26 ins. and 14 dent.

When folded it is 15ins. wide.

I have been making placemats, table runners and small rugs on it. I'm trying to downsize as I can only weave on one loom at a time and I'm getting older.

I'm asking $450.00

Contact information
Carolyn Holderman
Email: holderman46@hotmail.com
Elberta, Al.

If you need any more information please let me know.

Loom for Sale Loom for Sale

January 2018

8 shaft Schacht Table Loom for Sale

For Sale

Schacht 8 shaft 25" table loom with stand

Looks brand new.
Used only briefly.
Located in Palm Beach County.

Price: $700


8 shaft Schacht Table Loom for Sale

November 2017

For Sale: Nilus LeClerc 4shaft Loom

For Sale

Leclerc Nilus 36"

4 shaft back-hinge treadles
and sectional back beam.

12 dent stainless steel reed
Inserted eye heddles
Apron on front
Back folds in
Barely used



November 2017

Harrisville Loom For Same

For Sale

Last year I bought a Harrisville Designs L368K 36 " 8 Harness 10 treadle loom from my weaving instructor.

It has wire heddles, a 10 dent reed, and a tool tray; is on wheels and is finished in a walnut stain.

I am selling it with a raddle, 2 lease sticks, a Toika 20-28 in temple, 2 14" Schacht wood shuttles, and 2 Schacht 20" rug shuttles and quite a few cones of weaving yarn.

It does not have a bench (I used my piano bench).

I am moving into a much smaller home and unfortunately I cannot take it with me.

I am asking $1200.00 for everything.

I live in Tampa.
If you know of anyone who may be interested or somewhere to post this so a weaver may take advantage, I would greatly appreciate it.

Andrea Noonan 813-362-1447

November 2017

For Sale

I live on Cape San Blas (zip 32456) just East of Panama City in the Florida panhandle. Items can be picked up or shipped at your expense.

Please call / text 850-227-6768 or email lbehage@gmail.com

3 Niddy Noddies and carders, BO

Please let me know if you are interested.
Linda BeHage

June 2017

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